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The Break Up - Adhesive Remover (15g)

The Break Up - Adhesive Remover (15g)

THE MODERN LASH ADHESIVE REMOVER - A Balm that you just Apply 1x, Wait 15min and then Wipe. That's it!

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THE BREAK UP - ADHESIVE REMOVER™ (15g) by White Flamingo Lash.

THIS ADHESIVE REMOVER WAS MADE FOR MODERN LASH ARTISTS. Apply Balm 1x, Wait 15 Min, & Then Remove Them All! This is not the gel that runs into their eyes, and this not the cream that dries like powder…this is The Modern Balm Solution.


-Apply the balm using a long tip applicator directly to the attachments

-Make sure to saturate the area you intend on removing

-Leave balm on area for 15-20 minutes depending on number of attachements

-Pull off all extensions slowly with a tweezer, while holding down the client's lid

-Wipe off remaining balm and cleanse deeply.

-That's it!


1. Propylene carbonate


Unopened Pod = 6 months (Store your adhesive in a dark, cool dry place)

Open Pod= 2-3 Months (Recommended)

Don't Freeze Pod.

Yuel's Favorite Tips


-Close pod between uses and keep away from direct sunlight.

-Add included cap after seal broken to extend lifespan of product

-Press firmly to snap the cap into place


-For Professional Lash Artists and Lash Technicians Only

-Customer is responsible for following state regulations with respect to licensing and certification. Use with extreme caution and care.

-Not Intended for Self Lash Removal (Not For Strip Lashes). Apply When Eyes are Closed Only.

-Balm Adhesive Remover should only be utilized in well ventilated, humidity/temperature controlled environments to minimize exposure to fumes.

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