Yuel Rafferty - Founder of WFL

WFL is a brand made for Modern Lash Artistry.

After perfecting the client experience from start to finish at my SF studio, I wanted to share my techniques with others...WFL was born! We have been obsessed with all things Lash Products, Social Media and Marketing ever since.

As a salon / studio owner - it sometimes feel like there is no end - WFL is here to help you thrive!


Neal Rafferty - CoFounder of WFL

WFL is here to give everything we can to our Tribe Members and to this amazing Lash Industry.

Surrounded by so many smart and talented people creates an energy that is hard to match anywhere else.

Coming from a background in business and technology, I feel inspired everyday trying to bridge the gap between what is and what could be possible.

There is no try in life...there is only do. So let's do something together!

P.S. I leave the photo shoots to Yuel ;)