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Pink Clouds - Under Eye Gel Pads (50 Pairs)

Pink Clouds - Under Eye Gel Pads (50 Pairs)

Easy To Peel and Place. Edges stay flat during application!

Lint Free

Thin Material

Gentle For Skin

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Product Description

Pink Clouds ™: Cover lower lashes with enhanced ease, speed and control. Made to work with every shape of eye - as each cloud is unique, we designed them to work with everyone! PLUS - Provides a secure, comfortable, and smooth fit that will stay in place while you complete your lash art.


-Lint Free Gel Pads (50 Pairs Per Box)

-Easy Peel N Place

-Secure, Comfortable, and Universal Fit

-Contrasting Color for Isolation Assistance

-No More Pre-Squeezing Your Pads Before Application (Bye, Bye Excess Gel)

Yuel's Favorite Tips

DIRECTIONS: Cover and Secure the lower eyelashes during eyelash extensions application, DO NOT PLACE OVER WATER LINE. Use immediately after opening. Disposable. One-time use only.

INGREDIENTS: Sodium Polyacrylate, Glycerol, Aloe Extract, Vitamin C

STORAGE: Conditions: Store in a cool, dry place between 68°F - 77°F (20°C - 25°C). Avoid direct sunlight, humidity, and heat.

WARNINGS: Avoid direct contact with eyes. If any adverse reaction occurs, stop using the product. Inform your doctor if your condition persists. Keep away from children and pets.

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