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Fiji - Isolation / PreMade Tweezers

Fiji - Isolation / PreMade Tweezers





Lightweight | Low Tension | Gentle Resting Angle | Long Thin Tips | Hand Inspected By Yuel

(Free Case Included)

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Tweezer Case

Product Description

FIJI - Isolation & Pre Made Tweezers

Made for Mega Volume, Volume, Classic Applications
Perfect for PreMade Fans Placement

Low Tension
Long Thin Tips
Ideal Tips-Angle for Less Hand Stress
Long Body for All Hand Sizes

Isolation Tweezers are the most over looked tool for a lash artist. Try one today and feel the immediate difference.

Hand Tested By Yuel - All Sales Final

Yuel's Favorite Tips

-Clean your Tweezers Before and After Each Application to Avoid Issues

-Use our "Get it Off" DIP N Clean for a 30 second cleanse

-Store Your Tweezers in the case with tip protector.

-Always Always Always have at least 1 back up for your tweezers, because heat break is real and accidents happen.

-If the tips are broken or bent - buy a new pair - short term cost, will help you SOOO much in the long term

-Use a lightweight and low tension tweezer - this will save your hand, wrist, arm, back and neck from pain. Believe us :)

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