Inner Tribe - You Might Be Losing Money With "Hybrid" Sets!


Old are the times where we charged by how many lashes were applied. 


The cost of materials isn’t why we charge top pricing in the lash industry. We charge for the skill, the experience and the ability to create different lash designs. 


Hybrid Sets should be something you offer while transitioning from classic to volume, it gives the opportunity to both, you and the client, to have a feel for your new skill, volume. 


What’s the problem with keeping hybrids long term then? 


  1. You will find yourself giving more volumen skill than what is been paid for. 
  2. Refills will take more time, pretty much the same time as a volume fill in order to balance classic/ volume with the proper lash design.
  3. You will attract a clientele who wants to pay the cheapest option yet get as much as they can of the best. 


Reduce the stress in your clients mind when making the decision of what lash set to get and… MAKE MORE MONEY. 💵 


Charge for your skill, experience, design and by the time you worked. 

Not by the number of lashes you applied or by “the look”. 


Otherwise, why would you be interested in booking a cheaper hybrid instead of a more expensive volume? Makes sense now? 


In the years I ran my successful lash studio in San Francisco I had only a few menu options: 


Full Set / Refill   

Natural Set / Refill 

 (for those who wanted classics, because hey! A new client doesn’t know industry terms, make things easy for them 😉


That was it!, ofc I did different styling in ALL OF THEM. And that’s exactly why I charged by time. The more complex, the longer it took me, the more I charged. 


If you are selling TOP QUALITY work this is the best way of making more money. Work in your lash retention and in your styling, those are key factors in order to have the right on charging top dollar. 💰 


and stop charging less because  you include a few classics to achieve certain look. 🙌🏽