Inner Tribe - LASH MYTH: Don't Get Your Lashes Wet

It’s 2023, and we need to understand why there’s artists who believe water is the enemy.
So many videos have been circulating in social platforms where they show 3 droplets of adhesive:
-24 hrs old drop
-8 hrs old drop
-30 min old drop
In this videos the artist pours a full droplet of water on each, obviously the one that has been exposed to air and moisture for the longest, 24hrs is fully solidify so the water doesn’t affect it.
Next, the 8hrs droplet kinda gets affect it when the droplet with the water on gets poked, allowing the water to get to the center of the droplet where the adhesive haven’t fully become a solid.
Lastly, the 30 min old droplet. As soon as water touches it it does get somehow affected.
This is “the proof” that shows that ONLY after 24 hrs the drop has fully solidify and isn’t affected at all. The myth comes from this kind of teachings.
Now, what’s wrong with this theory?!
Well, in reality the quantities of adhesive vs water are totally in accurate if we think in the real process of applying lash extensions.
A drop of Adhesive, could be enough to lash a whole eye meaning, the amount of adhesive we use in every single attachment is no where comparable to a full droplet, therefore the comparison isn’t valid, don’t forget that every adhesive has a curing time of max 3 sec, there’s adhesives out there that cure in .5 sec. Crazy fast!
This is why we are perfectly ok with letting go of an extension seconds after it’s been placed without getting stuck to the lash right next to it.
The amount of adhesive use in a single attachment it’s SO THIN and MINIMAL, that the 24hrs wait for it to fully solidify is totally wrong. Makes sense now?
Once cured in the outside of the attachment, lash adhesive becomes -a polymer, in common words a really tiny piece of plastic, plastic cannot be breakdown with water.
Making our lashes waterproof, within minutes!
We can cleanse and use post application solutions right after application!
and even take a shower after getting our lashes done.
Cheers to cleansing lashes right after! 😉 🥂