Inner Tribe - FULLY BOOKED. Is that even cool?

Once we stop enjoying what we do everything starts going downhill: retention, styling , and customer service.
These are the 3 key factors to keep our income steady with a loyal and happy clientele.
Why you DONT wanna be fully booked?
Schedule flexibility. Life happens! How awful is to get sick and then have to work over time to be able to fit all of your clients? Whether you want it or not, there’s so much stuff we don’t have control over, not to mention you deserve time off.
Marketing. As a business owner and service provider in 2022, creating your own content is imperative to attract clientele. You need time for this! and no, 15 min a day isn’t enough to create valuable content where you can show what’s your business about! Take your marketing serious and put it in your calendar! Show the, who you are and what you have to offer.
Burn out. Have you felt overwhelmed? Anxiety is no joke! In order to grow a successful business your mind needs to be in the right place, feeling energized it’s one of the best feelings and will allow you to be productive for real.
Creativity. You are an artist! You need time to create, experiment and find what you like! Try new curls, new maps, new anything you can! This is what will make you stand out and separate your art from a crowded market. Your signature set can be something unique you offer.
Normalize being fully booked is not how we measure success as a lash artists!