Retention Workshop 2.0


#RetentionGoals 2.0


Why is Amazing Lash Retention Important?

-More Returning Clients

-Increase Your Confidence with More Knowledge

-Charge More Per Application

-And Build Your Reputation As a World Class Lash Artist



Join our LIVE Online Workshop today and learn how you get better today.


Presented by Yuel Loo Rafferty

10 Years Lashing & Training

Founder of the top selling brand White Flamingo Lash 

Founder of the Yuel Lash Beauty Studio and Training Service

International Lash Speaker & Judge

And Featured in PopSugar as a Featured Artist


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What's Included???

2 Hours of Dense Material...No Fluff Here!

Learn the Lastest Lash Retention Techniques

How to Get More Clients

How to Increase Pricing on Current Clients

Why Modern Technqiues Are Better

Q & A



 -Small Class Size

-Split Payment Options



-1hr Follow Up Mentoring Call

-15% Discount Code at White Flamingo

-Free Lash Gift Set Including Tweezer + Adhesive



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