Inner Tribe - Comparrison Kills...


Comparison kills…so it's best to focus on your journey.


There is a fine line between find inspiration from a post/reel and feeling overwhelmed. There are days I look to other brands in industries like make-up, skin care and fitness and think – wow, how in the world did they get that amazing?!

A few minutes later, I’ll get an comment from one of my reels about a technique I’ve been using for 5 years, thanking me for breaking it down in a simple to understand format.

What’s the lesson – there will always be someone doing more and someone doing less – so focus on the things we can control. (I need to remind myself to take my own advice sometimes 😊

5 Things I Do to Stay Present on My Journey:

  1. Show gratitude to myself and the effort I put in everyday to be better 🙌
  2. Keep scarcity mindset away – and know there is enough for everyone 


  3. Small steps forward everyday – will ALWAYS be better than big actions sometimes 🏆
  4. Look back at something you did 1-2 years ago – and appreciate the glow up 🌟
  5. Take ownership of my current situation – so I can take credit when I level up.🚀

It's the end of january, so let's shake off the new year sluggishness and get ready for the best lashing year we have had. 

WFL will be launching "Reel Lashing" Education soon - something we have been working on so we can continue to offer endless amounts of technique, skill and overall good vibe training. Be on the look out soon.

Love you all and we are so happy you take the time to grow as lash artists with us.



-Yuel xoxo