Inner Tribe - #1 Secret to a Successful Lashing Business


I'm about to let you in on the #1 secret to a successful lashing business.

Care about your clients. :)


The #1 reason I was able to rapidly grow my service business so quickly was that I cared so so so much about my clients. 


Technique takes time. Making your lashing area look absolutely fabulous takes time. But...


You can start caring about your clients right now!


Now, to be real - caring about a new client or someone who you don't really like lashing is tough - but most clients are the same. If you put in effort and go the extra mile so they feel cared for - they will give back.


Simple Examples:

  1. Offer them something to drink and or eat as most clients are in a rush and are hungry or thirsty. Simple right?


  1. Let them know they can completely relax for the next X minutes because by the time we are done - you will look amazing.


  1. Give them a simple 5 minute hand massage after the application  - between the final attachment and misting.


  1. Don't go into technical detail with them BUT offer another compliments on their final look and even ask if they want a photo for social media.

Bonus: Have a cool little area specifically for after-application photos so they can post and tag you (FREE MARKETING)


  1. Say thank you and mean it. People know when you are faking it. It’s hard especially when it's a Friday at 7pm... but your clients pay the bills :)

It doesn't need to be expensive like champagne or a luxurious bubble bath for their toes lol...its ALL about being PERSONAL + ATTENTIVE.


So why do we do this...


Well because if you care, it actually makes you try harder and you improve. But it also helps lock in loyalty and get more REFERRALS.

Lash Artists favorite word is Retention...but soon after is REFERRAL. If your client loves you, then anytime they get a compliment - they will pass out your name -> more clients.


This also helps if you want to increase pricing because your clients won't compare your prices to other places - because they don't want to lose YOUR unique experience.


Trust Me - this is 100% Gold-Stamped-1st-Class-to-Tulum Tactics.


Comment or DM IG @WhiteFlamingoLash if you want more - I have soooo many other client growth and retention secrets that simply just work.


March is finally here - and Spring is coming so let's all have an amazing month!


xxoo Yuel