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Volume Lash Trays - Feather Collection

Volume Lash Trays - Feather Collection

The ABSOLUTE DARKEST Lash Extensions You Will Ever Fan! 🤍

MEGA, WET & VOLUME Approved 

Pinching ✓

Fanning on the Strip ✓

Sticky Dot ✓

20 Ultra Dense Lines ✓

Tips Never Burnt ✓

CC Curl Trays = CC- Label

D Curl Trays = CC+ Label

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Product Description

***Discounted Trays Due to NEW LOOK Coming Soon***

1. CC Curl (Labelled at CC-)
2. D Curl (Labelled at CC+)

.07 | .05 | .03

Single (Click on Length for Availability)
Mixed (.07 = 6-14mm)
Mixed (.05 = 6-14mm)
Mixed (.03 = 8=16mm)

20 lines per tray (25% more lines than other brands)

True Black Color (No Blue Undercolor)

Foil strips for easy peel and no residue on tiles (no more paper)

2mm pillowy sticky strip: designed for on-strip fanning

Made to increase fanning speed and efficiency

Fiber Type: PBT

Finish: Bold Matte

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