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First Class - PreMade Fans

First Class - PreMade Fans

SNATCHED BASES! DID YOU CYRSTALIZE THEM YOURSELF??? - 360 PreMade Fans - 10D / CC+ Curl / .05 Mixed Trays - Skinny Bases and Narrow Body Shape

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Product Description

10D / CC+ (Modern D) CURL / .05 Diameter - 360 PreMade Fans

TRAY 1 - 8mm-11mm

TRAY 2 - 11mm-14mm

18 Lines

20 Fans Per Line

Skinny Bases
Narrow Body Shape
The Blackest Black Color (No Blue Undercolor)
Foil strips for Easy Peel and No Residue on Tiles (no more sticker paper)

Fiber Type: Korean PBT

Finish: Semi-Gloss

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