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Tiny + Mighty - Micro Brush Long Head (100 Brushes)

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Tiny + Mighty - Micro Brush Long Head (100 Brushes) |  Amazing for Cleansing (Pre / Post Application) |  Longer Head To Save Time!

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Tiny & Mighty ™: This long, malleable, and flexible little brush will make your life so much easier than a regular micro brush. Simply bend the tip into an L shape and apply (primer or super bonder). Also, you can use this to ensure your clients are cleaning in-between lashes because no one enjoys filling over chunky, old, liner.  



-Prepping eyelashes with Primer or finishing with Super Bonder during applications 

-Removing traces of eye makeup, mascara, or eyeliner with a professional lash cleanser

-Removing White Flamingo Lash’s Eyelash Extensions during a professional removal process


LASH INSIDER TIP: Create an aftercare gift bag for your clients.

Include some of these lil‘ guys + a few “Brush N Cleanse” Silicone Brushes.  

Not only will they LOVE IT, but their retention will get better! Win-Win!


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