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Lash Cocktails: Ready-to-Create Looks

Lash Cocktails: Ready-to-Create Looks

[ SAVE 20% ] Try our NEW Lash Cocktails - Everything You Need to Create Yuel's Stylization of The Lash Industry's Most Popular Looks! + Includes Yuel's EXCLUSIVE "LASH COCKTAIL STYLE GUIDE".

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Product Description

The Look:
1. Wispy Lashes (6 Trays) - Includes Trays: CC+ .07 14mm | CC- .05 7mm | CC- .05 8mm | CC- .05 9mm | CC- .05 10mm | CC- .05 11mm

2. Pixie Lashes (5 Trays) - Includes Trays: CC- .07 13mm | CC- .07 12mm | CC- .07 10mm | CC- .05 9mm | CC- .05 7mm

*Each Order includes Yuel's Exclusive Lash Cocktail Style Guide*


Our Signature Lashes - "The Feather Collection". Featuring the most beautiful and high quality fibers you will ever work with. Rich Color, Consistent Density, Perfect Tapered Tips - 20 Lines of Dense Fibers

1. CC+ Curl (Modern D Curl)
2. CC- Curl (Modern CC Curl)

-20 lines per tray (25% more lines than other brands)
-True Black Color (No Blue Undercolor)
-Foil strips for easy peel and no residue on tiles (no more paper)
-2mm pillowy sticky strip: designed for on-strip fanning
-Made to increase fanning speed and efficiency
-Fiber Type: PBT
-Finish: Bold Matte

Yuel's Favorite Tips

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