What is Schedule & Save?


What Exactly is Schedule & Save?

Simply, we make ordering and deliveries easy - so you can SAVE BIG and not worry about running low on inventory.


Currently Available for:

Lash Adhesive


Lash Trays


As a member of the Frequent Flyers CLub, you will gain access to a option to choose if you want to create an Scheduled Delivery for your favorite products.

If you buy them, then why not save?

Choose when you want it shipped - between 1 to 8 weeks.

When it's time to ship, we process the order and you'll have your products arrive in 2-3 days.

Best For:

-Lash Artists that order product on a regular basis

-Enjoy saving 15% to 25% Off the Regular List Price

-Want peace of mind and a place to keep everything organized

-Focus on your Lash Artistry, Lash Brand and Your Business

-Lash Artists that enjoy quick, easy, and efficient

How to How to How to

Save 15%

Save 20%

Save 25%

Scheduled Delivery

Pre-Paid & Scheduled Delivery

Pre-Paid & Scheduled Delivery

Pay Single Order

Pre-Pay For 3 Orders

Pre-Pay For 6 Orders

Available Rewards

Monthly Free Products (Including)

Current Month= Lash Adhesive

Next Month= Volume Lash Trays

= 2500 Miles

Dollars Off Discounts

$10 Off = 2000 Miles

$25 Off = 3000 Miles

$50 Off = 5000 Miles

Percentage Off Discounts

10% Off = 3000 Miles

Free Shipping

Free Shipping For USA / CAN = 2000 Miles


Ordered With Us Previously?

-Login to confirm Account is Active

-Questions? Please email us at

What are "Miles"?

Miles act as the point system for Frequent Flyers Club Members and can be used to redeem Rewards such as Discounts & Free Products! Enroll and Start Saving today.

Business Class Access:

Receive 10 miles per $1 USD spent in online store

First Class Access:

Receive 15 miles per $1 USD spent in online store

Exclusive Promotions:

Follow us on Instagram @White.Flamingo.Lash to find our about 2x or 3x Miles Days.

Schedule & Save Delivery?

-Create a scheduled delivery and SAVE 15% on each delivery

-Get the products you want, when you want...FOR LESS!

-100% Free & Available for Frequent Flyer Club Members only

-No Long-Term Contracts


Available For Schedule & Save

Lash Adhesive - 5ml / 2ml

1-800-RETENTION - Retention Superstar

STRONG & BOUJEE - Curing Superstar


Volume Lash Trays - Single / Mixed / Mini

Curl: CC+ (D) / CC- (CC)

Diameter: .05 / .07

Length: 6mm - 14mm


How it Works

#1 Choose your Product

#2 Select the Delivery Frequency (1-8 Weeks)

#3 Add to Cart

(Repeat Steps #1-3 to Order Multiple Items and Meet Min)

FREE SHIPPING = $75 Min Delivery


Delivery Info

-Shipped Every Delivery Frequency (1-8 Weeks)

-All items will be shipped together

-Manage / Pause / Stop Future Deliveries Anytime


Pre-Pay & Save Even More!

Pay for all your Deliveries Upfront and SAVE BIG!

2 Months = 17% Off

3 Months = 20% Off

6 Months = 25% Off


Schedule & Save Order Examples:

Schedule & Save Order

5ml 1-800-RETENTION X 2

.07 CC+ Mixed Trays X 3

Shipped Every Every 5 Weeks

SAVE 15% on Every Shipment


Schedule & Save Order with Pre-Pay

5ml 1-800-RETENTION X 2

.07 CC+ Mixed Trays X 3

Pre-Paid Upfront For 6 Months

Shipped Every Every 5 Weeks

SAVE 25% on Entire Order



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We can answer any questions or help you get started today!

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