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Bali - Mega Volume Tweezers

Bali - Mega Volume Tweezers

The Universal Sweetspot! - Lightweight & Low Tension + FREE Black Protective Case - HAND TESTED 2X BY FOUNDER

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Product Description

BALI - Boot Shape Mega Volume Tweezer

The Universal Sweetspot
Low Tension
2x Hand Tested By Yuel

Made From German Grade Steel

All Tweezers are Final Sale As Yuel Hand Tests Each One.

Yuel's Favorite Tips

-Clean your Tweezers Before and After Each Application to Avoid Issues

-Use our "Get it Off" DIP N Clean for a 30 second cleanse

-Store Your Tweezers in the case with tip protector.

-Always Always Always have at least 1 back up for your tweezers, because heat break is real and accidents happen.

-If the tips are broken or bent - buy a new pair - short term cost, will help you SOOO much in the long term

-Use a lightweight and low tension tweezer - this will save your hand, wrist, arm, back and neck from pain. Believe us :)

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